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Who are we

We are a bunch of passionate technical folks who have worked for various organizations. We have a perfect blend of experience ranging from 5 to 20 years in the industry. We understand the industry and client's needs and also the shortcomings of traditinal model. Our approach is to have the best and leaner development model and without unnecessarily burdening the clients with technological and development overhead and yes !!! we love coffee

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Conceptualization and Design

You have an idea!!! Having problem conceptualizing? No worries, we are here, we can have coffee together and brainstorm over the solution. We then would get back to the drawing board with our team and provide you the best quality solution with minimum overheads.


We take lean approach to development with shorter iterative cycles or sprints. We believe in Continuous Development and Integration. Client is always in realtime sync with the development and can see the progress. Any deviation from intended behaviour or any change is hence very quickly adapted.


Testing is core part of our development process. Our approach is to follow Test Diven Development. Writing testable codes is an art and we excel in it./


Day to day maintenance of your applications can be a burden sometimes Offload your application maintainence to us and focus on your core area.

Here are some of our Skills

Java Development

Some members in our team have been doing java development since the first version came out. With experiences in plethora of industries, we surely do java the best.


Though Microservices has many advantages, however it can be a mess if not designed and built correctly. We have doing microservices based application for almost 3 - 4 years now. We can even turn your monolithic application into a microservices based application.

Single Page Application

We are good at developing highly reusable, performance oriented, component based Single Page Applications.

Identity Services

We are highly skilled at providing providing identity services. We do provide Single Sign On solution using SAML / oAuth.

Mobile Applications

We do native or hybrid mobile applications on android and ios.

Augmented Reality

We are also focussing on developing Augmented Reality products and services.

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